Monday, 6 January 2014


Well hello there strangers, you've probably been thinking to yourselves where the hell is this boy? Well i'm here, i'm back, I've been cut off from the world and more importantly cut off from my baby blog. December was a HECTIC and I mean a HECTIC month for me, having to move house and get settled in, finishing college with 467538518 reports to be handed in and of course working in retail virtually makes everything else impossible over the festive season. There was some days I wish I had just pitched up a tent outside my work to make my life easier ha.
So where to start? Myself and Chris (the boyfriend) moved into an amazing flat which used to be an old ropeworks building. The building itself is amazing very quirky and has a lot of character such as exposed brickwork, raised levels in rooms and HUGEEEEE windows I just love it & so do the cats. I've done my research on the building & found out it first started life in the 1860s as a sugarmill factory then in 1866 became a ropework factory, now you have a beautifully restored 8 floored building featuring 20 very interesting apartments.
 The front living room
 Dining area
 Front again
 The girls came round & we had fahijtas for lunch
 our new ikea piece
For Christmas Chris also got me a sony cybershot camera, I've been wanting a REAL camera since I started attending events instead of having to rely on my iphone which runs out of battery like every 15 minutes. The camera is simple to use with easy to follow functions and instructions, its very light and also compact even though it has a built in bridge. I love my new camera and cant wait to start using it. Here is a couple of pictures I took of princess pixie that actually look really good if I must say so myself.

Instead of writing one big blog on my festive happenings I am going to break it up make it easier for people to read and prevents me from rambling from one thing to another without even mentioning we're onto a new topic.