Sunday, 9 November 2014


It's rare that I get a full weekend off work, so when I do there is nothing I love doing more than waking up and enjoying my own company. For me I wake up have a shower an get into the most comfortable thing I own. I tend to wear something practical just incase I need to leave the house without any warning.

I've put together an 'Easy like a Sunday morning' outfit below from the one and only ASOS!

The loungewear that I've chosen from ASOS is perfect for complete Sunday comfort and can easily be worn for that quick jaunt around the supermarket for some Sunday essentials. 

The trainers which are also from ASOS finish of the outfit and give it the sports luxe look.

Taking as long as I do to do my hair  the baseball cap is the perfect item for a lazy day. I can just throw it on and not have to worry about how my hair looks and don't take half as long as I do making sure my hair is perfecto!

How do you like to spend your Sundays? Let me know :) !

Saturday, 8 November 2014


A wonderful wee e-mail made its way into my inbox the other day by the beautiful burds that are Betty & Bee. The invite was telling me all about the #BrassNeckCity event that's being held in the ever so popular Hillhead Bookclub up the Westend - fancy or what?

So what is #BrassNeckCity I hear you ask? Well I've got the perfectly worded press release down below for you all to have a read of;

From the Glasgow Ned to the West End Wendy, Betty & Bee present Brass Neck City, a free fashion show at the Hillhead Bookclub uniting Glasgow’s favourite second hand and independent shops in a celebration of our city’s style.
Taking a new spin on the vintage fashion show, Brass Neck City turns the usual ‘era formula’ of vintage fashion shows and instead looks towards the emerging and staple styles Glasgow has become known for.  Set on introducing guests to Glasgow favourites and a few top rated newcomers, Brass Neck City aims to help people step out of the high street, discover their local boutiques and understand how easy it is to shop local and sustainable at the same time.
Each stand-out Vintage Store has been asked to create their interpretation of each quintessential Glasgow look including; The Ned, Vintage Lover, Art School Chic, Hispter, Ya and West End Wendy, using the very best in vintage throughout the city.  Spanning from the Southside, the Merchant City and back out West - Brass Neck’s roster of retailers are  sure to inspire even the more cautious of vintage virgins to shop sustainable.
Paul McVey of the Hillhead Bookclub explained: “Bookclub has always been inspired by the stylish heart of Glasgow and the unique character of The West End. Innovative, bold and at times gallus, Glaswegians are admired the world over and a burgeoning creative and fashion scene is blossoming in the city, we can’t wait to see what Brass Neck City will bring”
Rediscover the favourite styles in our city on Thursday the 20th of November from 8pm at Hillhead Bookclub. With models from Superior Model Management, hair and makeup from the Academy of Makeup and 100 limited goodybags up for grabs, Brass Neck City brings together local favourites showcasing Glasgow in a way you have never seen before. 

Sound exciting or what?

As it says above the #BrassNeckCity fashion show will take place on the 20th of November so ye better be there or ye better be square!

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that Westend Wendy look let's see how some of the amazing retailers pull it off!

If you need anymore information make sure you jump over to the facebook event page to let them know that you're coming along.