Thursday, 16 January 2014


I might be a little bit late with this one but its something that I've got to share with the rest of yous.

Tortured Genius is an own brand available only at BANK. When I first came into contact with Tortured Genius back in October/November I immediately fell in love. I'm all about the leather jackets, skinny jeans, over sized tees I'm a total biker chick at heart. The collection wasn't yet available then and I think everybody got a little bit fed up with me going on and on about how much i loved it and couldn't wait for it to come out. Now when i realized we wouldn't be selling it in the Silverburn branch (where i work) i was gutted to say the least. So I hopped onto my phone using the new amazing and easy BANKfashion app to get my little paws on some of the stuff mainly the jacket - SOLD OUT AHHHHHHHHHHH! could life get any worse? Well NO is the answer as I have now been informed my store shall be stocking it RESULT! lets just hope that lovely shiny real leather jacket swings its way through the stores doors in a medium soon as I NEED NEED NEED it in my life haha. The price points for this collection are great and quality is amazing - trust me I know, i had to model some of it at a conference WERK IT. I have collated a few images of my favourite pieces.I have also checked back online today and all sizes available now in all items. Happy Shopping !

In clock work order
T-shirt £22
Shirt £35
Jeans £40
Jacket £130

What do yous think of the Tortured Genius collection? Let me know.