Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Many people ask me how I get my hair in quiff or a comb over as it can be a tricky technique to master so i thought i would do a blog on how to achieve my hair style.

Once upon a time I used to swear by dust it and occasionally still do, but now my number one product for my hair is got2be spray mousse. This is the first spray mousse available and i think its fantastic! many people associate mousse with the older generation but being part of the got2b family and its unique pink can makes it very appealing to us young ones. The mouse is designed to allow precise application in order to help plump up that hair. I will take you through a step by step guide on how i apply it and the finishing touch.

The spray nozzle allows you to apply precise.

First of all I would pat my hair dry with a towel. You don't want to take a towel and start rubbing your hair at the roots as this can cause split ends and damage to the hair. You want to gently pat your hands around your head firmly with the towel so that the towel absorbs the excess water.
 I then spray the got2b mousse over my hair very generously. The reason i spray a lot is down to the fact i have very stubborn wavy hair. If i didn't i would be there for ever blow-drying then straightening. With the got2b mousse i eliminate having to straighten my hair as it has a fantastic hold on it.

When blow-drying my hair i use a tangle teaser as its the best brush to grow through my think hair plus i have a very sensitive scalp so using things like a round brush irritates my scalp. I start by blasting the hair so its half way dry. I then attach the nozzle to the hairdryer and start to blow-dry my hair in the opposite direction from what i wear my fringe. The reason i do this is that it gives you volume at the root so that once the hair is dry its a matter of taking the brush and styling your hair into position.

I have been using this Got2B product for over 2 months now and have got to say it's one of my most favorite hair products yet. I find it so hard to find a product that can tame my wild hair.