Monday, 6 January 2014


Just a quick look at what I wore for NY. Myself and my friend Paul went to a night called HOT MESS which is in The Poetry Club situated next door to SWG3 warehouses. We left pretty early as we decided we where a little bit over dressed compared to the chilled laid back trainer, t-shirt wearing goers that where there already. The music was great mind you but the venue was a little small for my liking so we decided to head into town after the bells.
 Fur coat - Vintage, also my friend pauls haha just couldn't resist wearing it. On the hunt for my own one now!
 My shirt was £12 in the River Island sale - I love the antique feel to it. Its like little picture frames with different images inside like keys, butterflys, spiders.
I am also wearing Chloe Sims Montana Tan - This tan only takes one hour to develop at first I got a bit of a fright as it went on really dark but I actually only kept it on for an hour then washed it off in the shower and I loved the colour it made me. I would recommend you try this tan as its VERY easy to apply, only takes an hour and hasn't left me with any marks etc when washing it off! You can have a look on the website here at different products available.