Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Hello darlings, So a couple of weeks ago one of my best friends I've known since I was a child returned home after spending 8 months in Greece working as an entertainer. We decided it would be a food & cocktail kind of night and decided the first place of meet would be La Vita @ George Square. I must say it was a very cold night & I arrived a little early and refused to wait outside in the cold so the staff welcomed me in and I automatically felt the warmth hit me it was really nippy outside so this made it feel homely, the waitress took me upstairs to our table and ordered me a drink, I don't usually like to eat and drink alcohol so only ordered a coke. When my friend Graeme arrived we took a look at the menu which was larger than life and the waiter was on hand to help with anything we weren't too sure on. I decided to go for the peppercorn burger with cheese and chips. I've probably mentioned before but I like to stick to food that I know and can be very boring when it comes to eating out! The burger was DELICIOUS and the peppercorn sauce was to die for. Graeme went for a chicken pizza which looked amazing as well but I couldn't face a slice as the burger went down a treat & knew we had a wild night of cocktail drinking ahead of us. The atmosphere in La Vita was great and Christmassy everyone chatting, the staff where so friendly and helpful and had a laugh at us trying to pronounce some of the Italian words on the menu, another great thing about La Vita is they offer a 10% student discount during the week RESULT ! nothing better than a discount in the run up to Christmas its all about saving the Wonga darlings.


Y'alright ?
Last week I was invited down to Manchester as part of my Fashion Ambassador role with Bankfashion. The company was holding a managers conference to speak about figures, stores and the company overall and as it was the S/S 14 press release day the day before they wanted us to model the new collections that will be available in store starting from now and next year and I must add WOW what a surprise you are all in for. I never managed to get any pictures on the day as it was all rush rush rush and outfit changes in less than 2 mins ha ha! But you will see me sporting many numbers in the up and coming months don't you worry about that. The conference was held in The Comedy Store Manchester @ Deans gate Locks PERFECT venue and all the staff where really lovely. We where event treated to attend the comedy show after a long day at the conference. I managed to snap a few quick pics of my day time outfit.
T-Shirt - Zara
Mesh T-Shirt - Topman
Jeans - River Island
Shirt - Zara
Bag - Nanny State @ BankFashion
Converse - BankFashion
I also met up with my friend Connor who moved to Manchester last year and we took a little trip to the Christmas Market which was magical !
Love my trips to Manchester everytime I go down I never want to return ! ONE DAY this is where I will reside i'm telling you!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

*883 POLICE - #OOTD2

hey hey hey, where have I been I hear you ask. Well I've been a busy boy these past couple of week, I've had so many assessments in college so I've been studying a lot. I'm also putting together a #bloggerschristmasparty with Paula over at www.prettypollysblog.com hope yous are all excited for it, all the invites have been sent out now - weve been to see a few different locations and the gifts are looking out of this world.

So a few weeks back I was contacted by the lovely Tina over at 883 police about reviewing some of their S/S 14 collection. This was my first proper clothes review and I was more than excited to accept the offer. I quickly ran my fingers over the keyboard and jamp straight onto the 883police website to have a look at what they had to offer and WOW why haven't I heard of 883 police before? The clothes are amazing and great to build up your outfits.

*883 Police a brand of Italian origin, first took inspiration from cult writer Jack Kerouac's novel 'On the road' Kerouac, wrote about life both on and off the American high ways. His stories conveyed a style of spontaneity and he employed the idea of 'first thought, best thought'. From its conception in the early 90's, 883 Police rediscovered ‘On the road’ and evolved on a journey to symbolise the essence of freedom, adventure & individuality through its menswear collections
Internationally 883 Police encompasses the mix of Italian fashion culture, fused with urban inspirations.
Since then, 883 Police have broadened this concept to include a more subtle, newer and ultimately, far more "edgier" image that appeals to all individual tastes, trends and a product to appeal across the age spectrum...
Continuous research and development in denim washes and detailing gives the collections a strong sense of identity, denim intelligence combined with an obsessive eye for detail, is the foundations of 883 Police.
*extracted from www.883police.com

Jacket - Zara
Polo c/o 883 Police
Jeans c/o Bank Fashion
Boots c/o my boyfriend haha they are like 4 years old

In my opinion the pieces they have to offer have an edgy side to them but can also be timeless. I received the Akil navy polo to try and when it arrived I fell in love instantly. the quality of the polo is amazing, thick and kept me warm in this horrible winter weather we are having at the moment. The colour is great and compliments the rest of my wardrobe which is great means I can team it up with most of the other clothes i'm wearing at the moment. 883 Police are a great company and I would love it if you pop over to their website and have a browse. The clothes are reasonably priced and amazing quality, think Christmas, think presents, think 883 Police ! I just want to say thanks to Tina for getting in touch as now I'm a 883 Police fan, not knowing much about the company previous to contact I have now researched them and love there aim in making the brand more edgy and appealing to any age which is what is great about them. I could wear my polo completely different to they way someone older may wear it yet it will still look great on both of us.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Well it's November would you believe it? Its coming up to the get out and look your best season, why is it November/December there is always something to do, somewhere to go, someones birthday? I mean all I want to do is curl up on the couch, stick the kettle on to make me some hot chocolate & watch all the magical Christmas wonderland movies! but were not allowed party after party, dinners after dinners so we all need to be looking our best kitted out in the best of clobber to protect us from Mr Jack Frost himself. I am already feeling it are you ? I've pulled together a couple of my winter must haves and shall explain why I have done so.

So first off all I've chosen the Flight bag which can be found here at The Pokey Hat. The pokey hat has just recently launched a men's collection after a very successful year in supplying all you girls with the fabulousness it has been us boys where beginning to feel left out! My current bag has seen its days even though I've only had it a couple of months. This is definitely a winner as will be able to carry all my course work and hopefully a change of outfit if I'm going to any events after college.
The hat and the Dr Martens are both from bank, click here to be directed to the page, and the Dr Martens here. All Dr Martens are 20% off atm so what are you waiting for ? The docs are definitely a winter must have toe and ankle cover from that nippy cold we have just now.
I've chosen the watch from The Watch Hut down to the fact it compliments the hat. With all these parties and events I've got to go to during this festive season I've also got to keep track of the time as I can get a little carried away if I'm elsewhere. So hopefully this cobalt blue watch will  distract me from now and then hopefully to prompt me to look at the time and remind me I have places to go and not just to look at the amazeness of it ! 
Now the Zara jacket I've had my eyes on for a while, I've been in and out numerous times debating whether or not to purchase it. It's rather comfortable and cosy whilst you get inside it BUT there is always a BUT I've got my heart set on a leather number that BANK are bringing out this month so I've had my heart set on it since September so I'm holding out for something even better ! this doesn't cancel out the fact that I LOVE this jacket but I just purchased a jacket from Zara a couple of months ago and it cost me a fortune so patiently waiting for something else.
What do you think of my pickings ? Why don't you check out all the companies out and tell me what your Christmas wish list would be.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Well guys let me first apologise for the lack of blogposts, honestly the amount of course work I have at the moment is pulling me down. Reports left right and centre, assessments coming at you three a day its non stop. I feel like I live in this library AHHHHHH !

So last week I was invited to attend Chobani' Christmas dinner at The Corinthian Club Glasgow. I had arranged to meet up with my new blogger pal Genna who can be found at The Styling Novice and also Jennifer from The big burd

 A little bit about Chobani before I start about the event;

Chobani is a Greek yogurt that has newly been released in the UK after a huge success in America. The founder of Chobani is a Turkish guy who went to America and realised he couldn't have his favourite yogurt shipped over. So he decided to make his own yogurt with the money he had in his pocket. Of course this is a very costly thing to do and by the time the yogurt was produced he had no money left for advertising, marketing etc so what better to do than get in touch with bloggers, writers, foodies and let them trial the Chobani Greek yogurt in hopes that they spread the word, and spread the word they did. If it wasn't for these people Chobani wouldn't have been able to be available in the UK and us bloggers wouldn't have had the amazing opportunity to go along to this event find out about the heritage of the company, get to sample the yogurt in many different varieties and tell you all about it !

The Event

We arrived at the event on time and made our way up the stairs to the Langley room, the room was an absolute delight with images of Glasgow City Centre Sketched on the wall, the table was layed out for the bloggers. Of course we where the first people there except from the beautiful girls from Chobani - Christine and Amy the girls where very welcoming and got to getting us a cocktail straight away.

The cocktails where made with real Chobani yogurt and they where cherrylicious with an edible little raspberry included. I love my cocktails and I love my yogurt but never would I have thought to mix the two together after the event I was telling everyone about them and they where asking questions like was it not too thick? did it not taste weird? well the answer was NO it was absolutely amazing and I cant wait until my next dinner party to serve these cocktails up !

When the rest of the bloggers arrived we all sat down to dinner, we had a choice between two for each course.

For my starter I decided to go with the Chobani Risotto which was made with the real Chobani yogurt again may I add - this also included sun blushed tomatoes, spring onion, broad beans and Parmesan which was the decider for me as I'm a complete cheese freak and will eat anything with a bit of cheese in it. May I add this starter was perhaps one of the best starters I've tasted in a LONNNNGGGG time, it may be down to the fact I don't fine dine a lot but this was definitely something else, the risotto was cooked perfectly, it was creamy a flavourful and went down a treat.

For my main I decided to go with the RACK OF LAMB which had Chobani dauphinoise potatoes, baby vegetables and a Chobani mint sauce. I've never had lamb before so this was a very new dining experience for me and let me tell you if it's got chobani added to it it's going to be a meal to remember, everything was absolutely perfect about the main even though the starter still has my heart.

Now for dessert I went for the chobani caramel creme brulee with shortbread and stuck to my Scottish roots. It was amazing, also I've never had creme brulee before so this was an adventure for me.

Now people are going to be reading this blog thinking what is this boy all about, hes never had lamb, he doesn't like risotto and hes never had a creme brulee. WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN HIDING ? I'm a very basic kind of boy when it comes to food I like to keep it plain and simple and most definitely do NOT like to try new things. You will usually find I order macaroni and chips or a burger and chips or a spaghetti of some sort I don't like to venture and try new things in fear that it will ruin my experience of the establishment I am visiting so always play it safe. One thing Chobani has taught me is to be adventurous get out there try new things even try mixing your vodka with a Chobani cherry yogurt what can be more adventurous than that right ?

On our way home we each received a Chobani goody bag, inside the goody bag we had a number of ingredient cards teaching us how to use Chobani in every day baking and cooking which btw I cant wait to try we also got a Chobani chef apron which of course I will be supporting with style when I try to make something off of one of the cards soon. Amy has also been in touch via email and is sending us all samples of Chobani yogurt in the mail, but I just couldn't resist and made my way to Morrison's to purchase some and its safe to say they are gone already ! 

SO - what do you think of the blog ? have I inspired you to try Chobani or have you already tried it ? 

What are you like when it comes to eating out are you as fussy as me or will you try new things ? 

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


So the fashionistas of Glasgow took to Hummingbird Glasgow on Friday night in aid of the pop up shop & fashion show #OFFTHECATWALK organized by Silvia Pellegrino designer of chouchou couture. Now let me warn you this post is gonna have a lot of pictures so hope you enjoy them. My battery ran out half way through the show so used Jennifers camera to take the other half so some images may be similar.

 Danni McWilliams
 Danni McWilliams

 Isolated Heroes
 Chouchou Couture

 Georgia Wiseman

I arrived at the event early with my friend Paul so decided to enjoy one of the half price cocktails before the girls arrived. The cocktails where fantastic & they where only 3 quid AMAZING! 

Jacket - Zara (here)
Jumper - (here)
Shirt - (here)
Jeans - (here)
Shoes - (similar here)
Bag - (here)

When the girls arrived we made our way upstairs to the popup shops. Here we where greeted by all the designers and got to see what spectacular pieces they had designed and brought along for us all to get our hands on.

Danni McWilliams & her Homegirl collection

The girls at Isolated Heroes & their amazing collection I mean just check the textures and colours in these pictures.

 This was in my top three favourites of the night - takes me back to the clueless days.

Then of course there was CHOUCHOU who for me stole the night with the red hood. When I saw the piece I instantly imagined little red riding hood modelling down the catwalk in hummingbird amazing piece.

 Myself and Silvia <3 !
 My favourite piece of the night.

And who can forget about naromode, there pieces are so elegant and look even better on the models than they did on the hanger. These pieces to me are so timeless and really take fashion to another level, the print, the flow of the fabric on the body this is true art and fashion. The full collection did really take me on a magical journey.

The event was fantastic it was great to catch up with Jennifer , Kayleigh and meet lynn. I also got to meet some lovely new bloggers who I've been following and reading for a while now Sheri Scott & Amanda

I cant wait to meet everyone again at the Abandon Ship Apparel pop up shop event in Glasgow this Friday. It's going to be great, DISCOUNTS, DRINK, DJ'S, GOODY BAGS, BLOGGERS THE LOT ! Whos all going ?