Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Is it a bit obvious to state that us bloggers love a good candle? Well its very true & that's why I'm sharing my great candle finds with you. On a trip to homebase to find some lights for out flat I noticed these candles. Now my flat is very big, open space a lot of large windows and a lot of exposed brick work so keeping a smell lingering can be tricky, i tend to go through large amounts of air freshener but the one i used was limited edition and not available anymore and my supply ran out.

These candles which can be purchased at only £4 a candle are fantastic for doing just the job. I would go through a couple of candles every other day & small tea light candles just don't cut it for me as they are boring. The scent from candles get me excited and really can influence my mood. I usually keep one candle lit in the hall and then one in the living room according to which mood I'm in. These candles last me well over a week and that's them being used every single night their burning time is an amazing 120 hours. I still can get over the fact that they only cost me £4 :| they also tie in with my color schemes in the house so each candle has its own home in each room. I was even thinking of recycling the glass jars after and filling them with decorations for the toilet and living room.

I would have to say the one scent that beats any other scent when it comes to my favorite candle would be cinnamon even though the boyfriend doesn't like it we do need to compromise as the water lily one gets right up my nose. I love it when I'm coming home from work, walk up my close stairs and into my flats landing and i get a whiff off it. Its a very warm welcoming smell and i just love it.

Another favorite would be fresh linen, the reason for this is it just reminds me of putting on fresh clothes, getting into a fresh bed after the sheets have just been washed and given a chance to dry outside in the fresh air. I particularly like to have this scent lingering in the bedroom.

whats your favorite candle scent?
have you tried these homebase candles before?
if so what do you think about them?

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Jacket - c/o BANK 
Jeans - River Island 
Jumper - EBay
Shoes - River Island

Okey so firstly i apologise for the doom & gloom face - i really need to work on my posing (even though this is me trying to crack a smile ha.) I'm still getting used to working with this camera & my tripod, i need to master my best angles and stances, i then need to work on my camera settings and how to use them. Who thought taking a picture could have been so hard. I suppose i may be quicker and better if someones taking them for you but for now me, myself and my tripod will have to do.

These jeans are like my 435692745 pair #fatboyproblems - I'm always ripping them at the seam (crotch area) now working in retail i know I'm entitled to an exchange/refund within 3 months but when your paying £25 you cant really argue with that can you?

 Now I would love to believe that this jumper is the real deal, but lets be honest no student can afford to buy a Kenzo jumper unless they are bank rolled off mummy & daddy (or a very money conscious student in which case they wouldn't be blowing it on this jumper.) The jumper is off of eBay for like £14 its an absolute bargain. Usually I take a medium but wanted it to look a little oversize, its anything but its more undersized than anything cant believe it :( and they don't do a size bigger.

So do you like my #ootd?
Whats your best buys atm?
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I might be a little bit late with this one but its something that I've got to share with the rest of yous.

Tortured Genius is an own brand available only at BANK. When I first came into contact with Tortured Genius back in October/November I immediately fell in love. I'm all about the leather jackets, skinny jeans, over sized tees I'm a total biker chick at heart. The collection wasn't yet available then and I think everybody got a little bit fed up with me going on and on about how much i loved it and couldn't wait for it to come out. Now when i realized we wouldn't be selling it in the Silverburn branch (where i work) i was gutted to say the least. So I hopped onto my phone using the new amazing and easy BANKfashion app to get my little paws on some of the stuff mainly the jacket - SOLD OUT AHHHHHHHHHHH! could life get any worse? Well NO is the answer as I have now been informed my store shall be stocking it RESULT! lets just hope that lovely shiny real leather jacket swings its way through the stores doors in a medium soon as I NEED NEED NEED it in my life haha. The price points for this collection are great and quality is amazing - trust me I know, i had to model some of it at a conference WERK IT. I have collated a few images of my favourite pieces.I have also checked back online today and all sizes available now in all items. Happy Shopping !

In clock work order
T-shirt £22
Shirt £35
Jeans £40
Jacket £130

What do yous think of the Tortured Genius collection? Let me know.


 (image taken from grabble)

Okay, so a couple of weeks back I notice Grabble where looking for bloggers to collaborate with and create outfit stories on their website. I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about it, so that is what I did. After a few e-mails back and forward with Katie from grabble I became really interested, i mean I'm always scrolling through these sites after site ogling at all the beautiful clothes available then forgetting where i seen what.  Its a hard game on line shopping.

What is Grabble i hear you ask? I'm type type typing away here as if you know what I'm going on about.


Grabble is an on line fashion discovery website. Every single item on the site has been chosen from us, using the simple 'grab' button. This allows us to browse all our favourite websites and save everything we love into our own personal selected collections. The collections will be stored for you which allows you to come back later or even share with your friends. You can install the 'grab' button into your bookmarks to make life easier. Grabble also notify you if anything you have grabbed has went into sale or is on promotion. 
(taken from About us video clip)

So i got to set making my profile finally after i got my Internet installed :| 4 weeks without the Internet - what even is that? 

So far I have 3 different collections which i would love for yous to go and view & tell me what you think about my selections.

Wish List 
(ps I have an obsession with orange atm)

Weekend Outfits 

Day to day life 

Have you joined up to grabble yet? If so have you made any collections? I would love to see them.

Leave your comments please.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Many people ask me how I get my hair in quiff or a comb over as it can be a tricky technique to master so i thought i would do a blog on how to achieve my hair style.

Once upon a time I used to swear by dust it and occasionally still do, but now my number one product for my hair is got2be spray mousse. This is the first spray mousse available and i think its fantastic! many people associate mousse with the older generation but being part of the got2b family and its unique pink can makes it very appealing to us young ones. The mouse is designed to allow precise application in order to help plump up that hair. I will take you through a step by step guide on how i apply it and the finishing touch.

The spray nozzle allows you to apply precise.

First of all I would pat my hair dry with a towel. You don't want to take a towel and start rubbing your hair at the roots as this can cause split ends and damage to the hair. You want to gently pat your hands around your head firmly with the towel so that the towel absorbs the excess water.
 I then spray the got2b mousse over my hair very generously. The reason i spray a lot is down to the fact i have very stubborn wavy hair. If i didn't i would be there for ever blow-drying then straightening. With the got2b mousse i eliminate having to straighten my hair as it has a fantastic hold on it.

When blow-drying my hair i use a tangle teaser as its the best brush to grow through my think hair plus i have a very sensitive scalp so using things like a round brush irritates my scalp. I start by blasting the hair so its half way dry. I then attach the nozzle to the hairdryer and start to blow-dry my hair in the opposite direction from what i wear my fringe. The reason i do this is that it gives you volume at the root so that once the hair is dry its a matter of taking the brush and styling your hair into position.

I have been using this Got2B product for over 2 months now and have got to say it's one of my most favorite hair products yet. I find it so hard to find a product that can tame my wild hair.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


So instead of having a class the other day my lecturer set us out to take a look at retailers interior and exterior lighting HA I can literally hear myself laughing inside - me - shops - looking at lighting? Don't think so somehow, of course this was an opportunity for me to hit the sales. Bear in mind now this was the day before payday so couldn't buy everything i seen so shall return for them this week if they are hopefully still there. I really only had time to visit two stores before i was meeting the girls for lunch so i popped into river island and topman. I picked up a new tee and some accessories from here, now the accessories where girls but i can deffo pull them off and then i went a little crazy in topman with the 70% off accessories knowing i got a further 10% off with my student discount YASSSS ! 22 quids worth of stuff for a fiver can not beat it! See some snaps below of my new skeleton tee which was only £8.

I am just getting used to using my new camera so don't really know how to work the settings etc - this is the best i could do.

 Skeleton tee - River Island
Jeans - Jack & Jones @ Bank
Converse -@ Bank

 Here are some of the accessories i picked up at amazing prices.
Collar pins - 50p @ River Island
Necklace - 25p @ River Island
Ring - £1.80 @ Topman

Monday, 6 January 2014


Just a quick look at what I wore for NY. Myself and my friend Paul went to a night called HOT MESS which is in The Poetry Club situated next door to SWG3 warehouses. We left pretty early as we decided we where a little bit over dressed compared to the chilled laid back trainer, t-shirt wearing goers that where there already. The music was great mind you but the venue was a little small for my liking so we decided to head into town after the bells.
 Fur coat - Vintage, also my friend pauls haha just couldn't resist wearing it. On the hunt for my own one now!
 My shirt was £12 in the River Island sale - I love the antique feel to it. Its like little picture frames with different images inside like keys, butterflys, spiders.
I am also wearing Chloe Sims Montana Tan - This tan only takes one hour to develop at first I got a bit of a fright as it went on really dark but I actually only kept it on for an hour then washed it off in the shower and I loved the colour it made me. I would recommend you try this tan as its VERY easy to apply, only takes an hour and hasn't left me with any marks etc when washing it off! You can have a look on the website here at different products available.


I remember a few months back I THOUGHT I applied to become a part of #accessallasos the new way to be kept in the loop and find out about whats going on over at the ASOS HQ's. When I noticed people tweeting that they got their welcome letter and gifts etc I thought eh hallo? wheres mines. Little did I know, I never completed the application DUH! sometimes I really do believe I should be blonde. So next time around I made sure I didn't miss out. When I received my e-mail to tell me to expect a little something from them in the post and to let me know I had been accepted I was OVER THE MOON! I love asos, I love their customer service online, I love their sales, I love their own branded goods you don't get much more better than ASOS when it comes to shopping online I've never had any problems with them what so ever. Now I'm even more in love as they have given me an opportunity to find out about new collections that will become available before anyone else excluding other #accessallasos members of course. This Saturday they are having a swap shop in London now living in Glasgow isn't ideal for these types of things and its gutting that I cant get to go and meet all the big shot London bloggers but I know something good will come to the land of Scot oh sorry Scotland soon. Here's a few snaps I took on my new camera of the asos package I received and the gifts that where inside.


Well hello there strangers, you've probably been thinking to yourselves where the hell is this boy? Well i'm here, i'm back, I've been cut off from the world and more importantly cut off from my baby blog. December was a HECTIC and I mean a HECTIC month for me, having to move house and get settled in, finishing college with 467538518 reports to be handed in and of course working in retail virtually makes everything else impossible over the festive season. There was some days I wish I had just pitched up a tent outside my work to make my life easier ha.
So where to start? Myself and Chris (the boyfriend) moved into an amazing flat which used to be an old ropeworks building. The building itself is amazing very quirky and has a lot of character such as exposed brickwork, raised levels in rooms and HUGEEEEE windows I just love it & so do the cats. I've done my research on the building & found out it first started life in the 1860s as a sugarmill factory then in 1866 became a ropework factory, now you have a beautifully restored 8 floored building featuring 20 very interesting apartments.
 The front living room
 Dining area
 Front again
 The girls came round & we had fahijtas for lunch
 our new ikea piece
For Christmas Chris also got me a sony cybershot camera, I've been wanting a REAL camera since I started attending events instead of having to rely on my iphone which runs out of battery like every 15 minutes. The camera is simple to use with easy to follow functions and instructions, its very light and also compact even though it has a built in bridge. I love my new camera and cant wait to start using it. Here is a couple of pictures I took of princess pixie that actually look really good if I must say so myself.

Instead of writing one big blog on my festive happenings I am going to break it up make it easier for people to read and prevents me from rambling from one thing to another without even mentioning we're onto a new topic.