Thursday, 16 January 2014


Jacket - c/o BANK 
Jeans - River Island 
Jumper - EBay
Shoes - River Island

Okey so firstly i apologise for the doom & gloom face - i really need to work on my posing (even though this is me trying to crack a smile ha.) I'm still getting used to working with this camera & my tripod, i need to master my best angles and stances, i then need to work on my camera settings and how to use them. Who thought taking a picture could have been so hard. I suppose i may be quicker and better if someones taking them for you but for now me, myself and my tripod will have to do.

These jeans are like my 435692745 pair #fatboyproblems - I'm always ripping them at the seam (crotch area) now working in retail i know I'm entitled to an exchange/refund within 3 months but when your paying £25 you cant really argue with that can you?

 Now I would love to believe that this jumper is the real deal, but lets be honest no student can afford to buy a Kenzo jumper unless they are bank rolled off mummy & daddy (or a very money conscious student in which case they wouldn't be blowing it on this jumper.) The jumper is off of eBay for like £14 its an absolute bargain. Usually I take a medium but wanted it to look a little oversize, its anything but its more undersized than anything cant believe it :( and they don't do a size bigger.

So do you like my #ootd?
Whats your best buys atm?
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