Tuesday, 24 June 2014

OH HEYYYYY! #stylebloggerawards

taken by unlimitedjk

Last week I took a 5 hour train journey to London to attend the Company magazine #stylebloggerawards. Having never been to London before you can imagine how I was feeling, if not it was a mixture of being nervous, anxious, scared, ecstatic, over the mood and very very EXCITED!

My train arrived in London and there is me thinking it's cool i've totally got this I know where I'm going, well boy did I get that wrong. I jamp on the tube from Euston in hopes that I'd arrive at Bank but oh no off I went in the wrong direction and ended up in Camden before I realised I was travelling in the wrong direction - oops! With a quick change and back in the right direction I made it to Bank then changed again to take me to my final destination which was Bethnal Green! I couldn't believe it I sussed out the London underground!

I arrived at The Travelodge (post coming soon) just after four, with the event set to start at 6:30 I left myself with very little time to get ready! Thank the lord for Cocoa Brown Tan 1 hour mousse. For the night I decided on an amazing co-ord that I picked up in H&M for only £20. I'm not one for wearing a suit it's not my style so knew I wanted something to make me stand out. The print was amazing, it was a mixture between paisley print and almost camoflague and I loved it.

I arrived at the event which was held in The Oval Space and met the lovely blogger Rebecca Coco outside as I didn't fancy going in alone. Entering the event it was such a lovely sunshine evening and the bloggers where out on top form, there was florals, pastels, kimonos and sunglasses galore. Jackets checked in and off we went, as we entered the outside terrace the smell of food hit me straight away so we made out way to the heck hotdog stand to try one out. They came in these little cute takeaway boxes and for me seemed to be the hardest thing to eat I had hotdog and tomato sauce all over me ha!

The heat outside was unbearable - remember I'm Scottish we don't get sun up here so we made our way inside to get some drinks. Inside there was different stalls for us bloggers to get some fancy things done mainly for the girls, so they could get some henna done, their nails, hair and visit missguided to see the latest festival fashion.

Event in full swing the winners where announced before we knew it! Congratulations to all who won, got highly commended and even to those who got shortlisted! We are all winners in my eyes.

Unfortunately scottnothingtodowithyou didn't win but I just want to say that I am so grateful for the experience and even being shortlisted. I only started blogging in October last year and for my blog to be recognised at such an early age means the world to me! So thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for me! I hope to be back again next year.

I met a lot of new friends on the night who I'm hoping to catch up with again very very soon!

Thursday, 19 June 2014



At the end of May I was lucky enough to be invited along to Livingston Designer Outlet to take part in the Fashion Face Off! They set myself and 4 other #scottishbloggers (Amanda Tatyana Laura Charlotte)a challenge of creating the best Spring/Summer outfits up to the cost of £150* - amazing or what? 

Let me tell you a lil' bit about Livingston Designer Outlet first, having never been to Livingston before I did a little research before I went. I found out that it has over 70 designer stores with some offering over 60% discounts, for me this was like music to my big ears! I love a discount and hate paying full price for clothes especially designer clothes as the mark up on some of it can be absolutely ridiculous. The majority of the clothes on sale are last seasons, but if you know how to style them up properly of course you can bring them right up to date! My favourite go to stores where Ted Baker, Fred Perry & Nike !

Off I went, ideas in my head of what I was going to buy and what my outfit was going to turn out to be. Little did I know I fell flat, I lost control and went  a little crazy in the shops buying things left right and centre. In my mind I was going for a cool summers day, black shorts, white shirt, black fedora maybe some birkenstock style shoes but no I went for this crazy funky green and yellow octopus shirt from  Lacoste Live! A greenish jumper from Ted Baker, An iPad case from Fred Perry which I used as a clutch and the most comfiest pair of Nike Air Max's in the world! I couldn't have been any further away from my original idea if I tried. 

Time to get ready, there I was standing in the toilets putting my outfit together and the worst possible thing happened my shirt was too small & it was the last in the store I was majorly gutted so I had to pop my denim shirt on under my jumper. When my outfit came together I was overly whelmed with it, it was just basic! I wish I stuck to my original idea but hey ho big discounts send me a little mental to the point I was even getting student discount on top of the overly generous discounts that where already on offer.

In the end Amanda from honeypopkisses won and a well deserved win at that! Her outfit was the perfect Spring/Summer combination mixing pastel blues with some whites and lemon and the cutest little iPad mini case which she decided to use as a purse -where did you get that idea Amanda? Congratulations!

For anyone who has never been to Livingston Outlet before, GO - GO NOW TAKE YOUR CARD AND RUN! I'm already planning my next adventure & cant wait to get my hands on another pair of majorly discounted Nike's! The other great thing about the Livingston Designer Outlet is that it has a selection of fast food takeaways and restaurants so after a good galavant about and after some major plastic burning you can sit down and relax and get excited about all the amazing clothes you've bought and plan out when and where you are going to wear them.

 Nike Air Max - £32*
  Nike Air Max - £32*
 Lacoste - £28* This is what I exchanged for the shirt that was too small
 Fred Perry Ipad Case ( Used as clutch) £15*
 Ted Baker Sweater £27* student discount applied

We where also treated to a pair of jeans from the lovely staff at Levi's unfortunately they didn't have the right fit for me in the men's section so I opted for a pair of their Demi curved jeans as part of their Curve Id Campaign! These jeans are great for my shape as the hug my legs in the best parts and they have great elasticity in them

I had some cash left over and went a little browse after they announced the winner! I knew I was needing a new wallet as I was carrying around my cards and ID in my pocket and needed something to keep them in. So back to Ted Baker I went to pick up this amazing little pocket wallet perfect for keeping my cash and cards in plus the fact the leather felt so so silky smooth I just couldn't resist.

Friday, 13 June 2014


I was recently contacted by ASOS and asked to style up one of their new oversized T-shirts. I decided to go for one they had actually recommended for me which was all black with a denim patch pocket and described as being a skater fit. I styled the long tee with dark skinny jeans, my new black suede air max trainers along with my trusty tortured genius leather jacket! I love how the tee drops down at the back giving it the extended look and it definitely complimented my outfit down to a T today - pardon the pun!

I know I've been M.I.A for a couple of weeks but I have exciting news to share with y'all so keep coming back!