Monday, 6 January 2014


I remember a few months back I THOUGHT I applied to become a part of #accessallasos the new way to be kept in the loop and find out about whats going on over at the ASOS HQ's. When I noticed people tweeting that they got their welcome letter and gifts etc I thought eh hallo? wheres mines. Little did I know, I never completed the application DUH! sometimes I really do believe I should be blonde. So next time around I made sure I didn't miss out. When I received my e-mail to tell me to expect a little something from them in the post and to let me know I had been accepted I was OVER THE MOON! I love asos, I love their customer service online, I love their sales, I love their own branded goods you don't get much more better than ASOS when it comes to shopping online I've never had any problems with them what so ever. Now I'm even more in love as they have given me an opportunity to find out about new collections that will become available before anyone else excluding other #accessallasos members of course. This Saturday they are having a swap shop in London now living in Glasgow isn't ideal for these types of things and its gutting that I cant get to go and meet all the big shot London bloggers but I know something good will come to the land of Scot oh sorry Scotland soon. Here's a few snaps I took on my new camera of the asos package I received and the gifts that where inside.