Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Is it a bit obvious to state that us bloggers love a good candle? Well its very true & that's why I'm sharing my great candle finds with you. On a trip to homebase to find some lights for out flat I noticed these candles. Now my flat is very big, open space a lot of large windows and a lot of exposed brick work so keeping a smell lingering can be tricky, i tend to go through large amounts of air freshener but the one i used was limited edition and not available anymore and my supply ran out.

These candles which can be purchased at only £4 a candle are fantastic for doing just the job. I would go through a couple of candles every other day & small tea light candles just don't cut it for me as they are boring. The scent from candles get me excited and really can influence my mood. I usually keep one candle lit in the hall and then one in the living room according to which mood I'm in. These candles last me well over a week and that's them being used every single night their burning time is an amazing 120 hours. I still can get over the fact that they only cost me £4 :| they also tie in with my color schemes in the house so each candle has its own home in each room. I was even thinking of recycling the glass jars after and filling them with decorations for the toilet and living room.

I would have to say the one scent that beats any other scent when it comes to my favorite candle would be cinnamon even though the boyfriend doesn't like it we do need to compromise as the water lily one gets right up my nose. I love it when I'm coming home from work, walk up my close stairs and into my flats landing and i get a whiff off it. Its a very warm welcoming smell and i just love it.

Another favorite would be fresh linen, the reason for this is it just reminds me of putting on fresh clothes, getting into a fresh bed after the sheets have just been washed and given a chance to dry outside in the fresh air. I particularly like to have this scent lingering in the bedroom.

whats your favorite candle scent?
have you tried these homebase candles before?
if so what do you think about them?