Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hey guys, how is everyone ?

Just a quick update on ME - started back college after summer & new year and yeah you guessed it reports, assessments, graded units coming out my pores. I'm still working in BANK fashion & have just started back up with my #BankFashSquad role which is looking to be very interesting this term with many exciting projects in the pipeline for us - cant wait. I don't think I mentioned this to you guys before but I applied for an internship role at Becky White Pr and got accepted - OVER THE MOON! I started working in the office two weeks ago & I'm loving it already. I work a Friday afternoon and the girls at the office are great, some of my tasks are to pack and send out products to press and bloggers and also to check these back in when sent back. I also get to scroll through twitter and other social media sites to look for any products that people may have featured on their accounts which is exciting as you never know who is going to be wearing something we've sent for the clients - EXCITINGGG! I hope to learn many new things at BWPR that will help me to enhance my skills for my future and I'm very grateful to be given the opportunity.

Here's what I wore to the office last week before we all headed out for some drinks and dinner!