Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Y'alright ?
Last week I was invited down to Manchester as part of my Fashion Ambassador role with Bankfashion. The company was holding a managers conference to speak about figures, stores and the company overall and as it was the S/S 14 press release day the day before they wanted us to model the new collections that will be available in store starting from now and next year and I must add WOW what a surprise you are all in for. I never managed to get any pictures on the day as it was all rush rush rush and outfit changes in less than 2 mins ha ha! But you will see me sporting many numbers in the up and coming months don't you worry about that. The conference was held in The Comedy Store Manchester @ Deans gate Locks PERFECT venue and all the staff where really lovely. We where event treated to attend the comedy show after a long day at the conference. I managed to snap a few quick pics of my day time outfit.
T-Shirt - Zara
Mesh T-Shirt - Topman
Jeans - River Island
Shirt - Zara
Bag - Nanny State @ BankFashion
Converse - BankFashion
I also met up with my friend Connor who moved to Manchester last year and we took a little trip to the Christmas Market which was magical !
Love my trips to Manchester everytime I go down I never want to return ! ONE DAY this is where I will reside i'm telling you!