Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Well it's November would you believe it? Its coming up to the get out and look your best season, why is it November/December there is always something to do, somewhere to go, someones birthday? I mean all I want to do is curl up on the couch, stick the kettle on to make me some hot chocolate & watch all the magical Christmas wonderland movies! but were not allowed party after party, dinners after dinners so we all need to be looking our best kitted out in the best of clobber to protect us from Mr Jack Frost himself. I am already feeling it are you ? I've pulled together a couple of my winter must haves and shall explain why I have done so.

So first off all I've chosen the Flight bag which can be found here at The Pokey Hat. The pokey hat has just recently launched a men's collection after a very successful year in supplying all you girls with the fabulousness it has been us boys where beginning to feel left out! My current bag has seen its days even though I've only had it a couple of months. This is definitely a winner as will be able to carry all my course work and hopefully a change of outfit if I'm going to any events after college.
The hat and the Dr Martens are both from bank, click here to be directed to the page, and the Dr Martens here. All Dr Martens are 20% off atm so what are you waiting for ? The docs are definitely a winter must have toe and ankle cover from that nippy cold we have just now.
I've chosen the watch from The Watch Hut down to the fact it compliments the hat. With all these parties and events I've got to go to during this festive season I've also got to keep track of the time as I can get a little carried away if I'm elsewhere. So hopefully this cobalt blue watch will  distract me from now and then hopefully to prompt me to look at the time and remind me I have places to go and not just to look at the amazeness of it ! 
Now the Zara jacket I've had my eyes on for a while, I've been in and out numerous times debating whether or not to purchase it. It's rather comfortable and cosy whilst you get inside it BUT there is always a BUT I've got my heart set on a leather number that BANK are bringing out this month so I've had my heart set on it since September so I'm holding out for something even better ! this doesn't cancel out the fact that I LOVE this jacket but I just purchased a jacket from Zara a couple of months ago and it cost me a fortune so patiently waiting for something else.
What do you think of my pickings ? Why don't you check out all the companies out and tell me what your Christmas wish list would be.