Wednesday, 20 November 2013

*883 POLICE - #OOTD2

hey hey hey, where have I been I hear you ask. Well I've been a busy boy these past couple of week, I've had so many assessments in college so I've been studying a lot. I'm also putting together a #bloggerschristmasparty with Paula over at hope yous are all excited for it, all the invites have been sent out now - weve been to see a few different locations and the gifts are looking out of this world.

So a few weeks back I was contacted by the lovely Tina over at 883 police about reviewing some of their S/S 14 collection. This was my first proper clothes review and I was more than excited to accept the offer. I quickly ran my fingers over the keyboard and jamp straight onto the 883police website to have a look at what they had to offer and WOW why haven't I heard of 883 police before? The clothes are amazing and great to build up your outfits.

*883 Police a brand of Italian origin, first took inspiration from cult writer Jack Kerouac's novel 'On the road' Kerouac, wrote about life both on and off the American high ways. His stories conveyed a style of spontaneity and he employed the idea of 'first thought, best thought'. From its conception in the early 90's, 883 Police rediscovered ‘On the road’ and evolved on a journey to symbolise the essence of freedom, adventure & individuality through its menswear collections
Internationally 883 Police encompasses the mix of Italian fashion culture, fused with urban inspirations.
Since then, 883 Police have broadened this concept to include a more subtle, newer and ultimately, far more "edgier" image that appeals to all individual tastes, trends and a product to appeal across the age spectrum...
Continuous research and development in denim washes and detailing gives the collections a strong sense of identity, denim intelligence combined with an obsessive eye for detail, is the foundations of 883 Police.
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Jacket - Zara
Polo c/o 883 Police
Jeans c/o Bank Fashion
Boots c/o my boyfriend haha they are like 4 years old

In my opinion the pieces they have to offer have an edgy side to them but can also be timeless. I received the Akil navy polo to try and when it arrived I fell in love instantly. the quality of the polo is amazing, thick and kept me warm in this horrible winter weather we are having at the moment. The colour is great and compliments the rest of my wardrobe which is great means I can team it up with most of the other clothes i'm wearing at the moment. 883 Police are a great company and I would love it if you pop over to their website and have a browse. The clothes are reasonably priced and amazing quality, think Christmas, think presents, think 883 Police ! I just want to say thanks to Tina for getting in touch as now I'm a 883 Police fan, not knowing much about the company previous to contact I have now researched them and love there aim in making the brand more edgy and appealing to any age which is what is great about them. I could wear my polo completely different to they way someone older may wear it yet it will still look great on both of us.