Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Okey so it seems that everyone these days has a crazy mad candle obsession, or is that just me? Anyway I'm always sharing my new finds with you & next up is the one and only Flamingo Candles

Flamingo Candles is a company who strive themselves on being fun and quirky, and guess what? that they are! The candles are all handmade, organic and come in jam jar like pots with the statement acrylic flamingo attached which gives it its own very unique look. These candles are perfect for giving away as gifts and I already know of a few peeps that I'll be ordering some for, including myself.

To change my candle obsession up a little bit this time I decided to to try out the Flamingo Candle Scent Melts. Scent melts are like little circles of wax that you place in a burner and light a tea light underneath which of courses causes the wax to melt and fills up your room with a fantastic scent, it does a better job than what a candle does in my honest opinion. When my delivery from Flamingo Candles arrived with my six chosen scent melts I was super excited because before I could even open the box I could smell how AMAZING they where. After a couple of days waiting on my burner arriving I could finally get down to business and try out these scent melts that had been sitting in my bedroom drawer filling my room up with a mixture of different scents, yes they even worked when they where sitting in a drawer doing nothing believe it or not. Now I wasn't sure if you where to insert the full scent melt into the burner so decided to quarter it - I'm not sure if it would make a difference scent wise but it gave me the chance to move onto a new one quicker rather than waiting for the full scent melt to be burned up. The great things about the scent melts is that they can burn up to 15 hours but the smell lingers for what seems like forever!

The first melt I tried was Candy Floss Candy Shop Scent Melt and it filled the room up straight away, the scent must have took about 5 minutes for it to turn to liquid but the smell was just out of this world all I could think of was the smell of those American candy sweetie shops for some reason. When the tea light ran out the smell still lingered through the room, we had visitors up that night who complimented on the smell of the flat which I'm always paranoid because having two cats sometimes I get worried in case all they smell is cat haha! I tried this smell out in the bedroom and the next day the smell was still floating about which is great! I hate these candles that you buy and the smell just disappears immediately you feel done out of your hard earned cash.

The one I'm using at the moment is the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Scent Melt which is my favourite so far! My boyfriend who is a hairdresser had a friend coming over to have her hair done and as soon as she walked in she said the flat was smelling Funky Fresh and that's a good funky fresh of course! The scent totally filled up my hall bedrooms and living room. I think the key to having the scent travel is to have it positioned in a predominant area - for my I know we get a windy draught through the bottom of our flat door so placing it at then end of the hall means that when there is a gust of wind it will pull it through the rest of the house haha is that weird? I'm not sure but definitely give it a go you never know it might work.

I've still got another 4 scents to try but going on what I've already experienced I know I'm not going to be dissapointed! I'm totally in LOVE LOVE LOVE with flamingo candles and just want to try them all! Now that I've tried the scent melts I want to give the candles a go because not only will the make the flat smell adorable but they also add a bit of character to a boring old worktop or chest of drawers.  

Here are the four candles I have on my wish list!

          White Tee & Mint                                                                              Cranberry Ginger Spice Tea
May I add this is my favourite childhood sweet!

So there you have it the lowdown on Flamingo Candles Scent Melts! Have I inspired you? or have you already tried Flamingo Candles out? If so leave me a comment below and tell me how you got on if not then hurry up! 


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