Thursday, 6 March 2014


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Hiya pals - its been a while since I've put my fingers to the keys & typed a little for yous but don't worry there's lots to come this week & next as I've been up to all sorts. I'm not going to bore you with how I've had this amount of work at college to do or how I've been working this many hours so lets just cut to the chase.

As part of my internship at Becky White Pr I was invited to join the Arran Aromatics Blogger Event held in the beautiful Princes Square store. It was my job to make sure the bloggers where welcomed to the store, hang up jackets and bags etc and get them drinks and nibbles and boy oh boy where they in for a pastel surprise as there was cupcakes, macaroon pops, percy pigs and marshmallows to indulge themselves with whilst sipping on a fine bottle of Arran Aromtics champers.

Lets get started ...

We where introduced to a range by Arran Aromatics called Feel Good Formulas all of which can be found (here). The Feel Good Formula range is all about every day body care. The formulas are a mixture of natural inspired traditional ingredients with extracts and essential oils which are centuries old yet bang up to date which of course is perfect for any age range and allows our bodies to feel the benefits all the way from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes RESULT !

Lynn the store manager

Feel Good Formulas Range
First Lynn the store manager spoke us through the Feel Good Formulas Sea Salt Scrub with the lovely Claire getting the opportunity to be pampered. The Seal Salt Exfoliating scrub is made up of minerals and moisturizing oils such as sunflower oils which is the best type of oil for the skin and has some mint through it which helps to lift the product up. Lynn explained it as having a nice light clean fragrance and let me tell you it has such a fantastic smell to it as soon as the scrub is applied or you open the jar you just get a sudden hit of fresh air to the lungs. The salt scrub is one of their best sellers so I'd be getting onto it if I where you. The scrub is ideally designed for you limb areas like your arms and legs and application is best performed in the shower as the skin will already be wet. We where also told when applying the scrub its always best to move on motions towards the heart.

 Claire recieving some Feel Good Formulas treatment notice how Lynn is stroking towards the heart. This was the top tip of the night.

Lynn also spoke us through a few other products available which we got to take away with us which will be reviewed at a later date but i've got to tell you about my favorite products before you go anywhere.

Feel Good Formulas Refreshing Eye Cooler Gel

Now this little bad boy has just about became my best friend sorry to the existing best friends but you know this one wins ! The Green Tea Eye Gel is fantastic for people like me - a non sleeper who has early rises and busy back to back days. The eye gel reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines and is also very soothing to the skin, it contains Witch Hazel and extracts of Green Tea and is packed full of anti-oxidants. This is my new go to every morning and i've even started carrying it around in my bag but put it straight back in the fridge when I get home so that it has the cooling effect the very next morning. This product is only £3.50 can you believe it? NO! neither can I! so what you waiting for? get yourself down to Arran Aromatics or click here - see if even made it easy for you!

Citrus Shores Luxury Scented Tall Pillar Candle

Okey - so ever since I started my internship I was always greeted by this amazing smell when I walked in the office and I fell for it straight away. The candle is made up of zesty wood burning smells and OMG its to die for I rant and rave about this candle to everyone and anytime someone comes to the flat they're like omg it smells AMAZING in here - I'm like I know, right? HAHA! Okey so this candle burns up to 100 hours & it also comes in a smaller size as well. So what you waiting for? Get into store or pop over (here)

The event turned out great with everyone on the list attending and it was great to find out more about a great Scottish product which believe it or not started its journey in a kitchen sink - can you believe it? I loved helping the team out and thankful for the experience and of course it was great to catch up with all the amazing Scottish Bloggers.

Have you tried any Arran Aromatics products before? If so whats your favorite product/s?
If not are you going to try it? 
I would hope so as they are AMAZING!!!