Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bloggers Event - Lush Braehead

Hey guys & gurls.

Not so long ago I was invited along to attend an event at Lush in Braehead Shopping Centre and I was excited as I've been trying out some Lush products for a while so wanted to get the low down on the products and hear all about the exciting products they had coming out. 

If you don't know what Lush is or who they are you must be mad! Lush sell a variety of cosmetic products which are all fresh and handmade using of course the finest ingredients available and pride themselves on not testing out their products on animals which is fantastic we even found out on the night that if the companies they purchase their ingredients from test any other products on animals they still won't buy from them how great is that right?

When we arrived at the store we where given a very warm welcome from all the staff and offered a drink and some cupcakes to nibble on. Then it was onto a quick ice breaker so we could introduce ourselves to each other and then it was time for the fun to begin.

First we had to figure out who our store guide was going to be so we where given little sample cards that had been sprayed with some very luscious Lush perfume and we had to guess who had the same scent so we could join our groups. We where then taken round all the different areas of the store and got a chance to ask about any products and got some insight into how the products are made and where they come from. I loved finding out about the skincare range as I had been using some products for a while and wanted to know if they where the best for skin type which they where. We also took a little pit stop to the make up section where there was a spinning wheel that had different colour pods on top - we where asked if we wanted to take a shot which we agreed to! First we had to close our eyes and just imagine a white room with white windows white everything whilst the wheel got spun round then when we opened our eyes we where to pick the first three colours that we seen not our favourite colours just the first three that our eyes where attracted to, now pink isnt usually my colour but for some reason my eyes where drawn to three different shades of pink and when they where flipped over the words they revealed where totally my PASSIONATE - GLAMOROUS - BELIEVE I don't think there any three other words in the world that could describe me better totally got me down to a T how amazing is that?

So after all of the fun & games we got down to the real business the big reveal and boy oh boy where we in for a treat. Of course with it coming up to Easter and Mothering Sunday, Lush had given us the opportunity to have a sneak preview at the new products the day before they where going live for everyone to buy. Sooooo let me tell and show you a little bit about the products.

 Display of all the newness for Mothers Day & Easter ! How bright and colourful are these products makes you so happy just looking at them! Kudos to the creative teams behind these ideas and creations.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Okey so first up was the Secret Garden bath bomb that is packed full of spring time! Its made using rose, sweet wild orange and rosewood oil to create a floral and earthy uplifting feel. The secret about this bath bomb is when it gets to the middle little rose petals come out and start to float around - perfect for the mothers.

 Up next is Rose - Rose is a crumbling body bubble bar perfect for taking long dips or even grabbing a quick shower. Rose is made using natural shimmers which means no danger to the environment as they are plastic free. Its ingredients are Turkish Rose Absolute to soothe the spirits, lemon oil to bring clarity and cocoa butter to soften the skin - AMAZING !

 Some of the gifts available to purchase instore or online now ! Lush Mothers Day Gifts

Inhale/Exhale had to be my favourite product of the night and I was so gutted it couldnt be purchased! Its basically a bath bomb made up of two halves - each half fizzes away at different speeds which means you get to enjoy the fragrance of each side. Inhale is a light and fruity fragrance with neroli, rose, vetivert, and ylang ylang with exhale being a little more intense giving off a woody/smoky aroma made up of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and a hint of grapefruit.

Easter Gift Ideas

The Golden Egg is an amazing product espesh for you girls out there who love a bit of body shimmer just drop this egg in the bath watch it fizz away and turn you and the bath into a sparkling mermaid. The Golden Egg is made up with cocoa butter from the peace community in San Jose, Columbia.

Next up in the Easter range is The Brightside bubble bar which is made with a triple shot of citrus oils to add a little zest to your day and theres nothing better than starting your day off with a a little spicyness is there? This is amazing & i was in a couple of days later to purchase this bad boy as nothing appeals to me more that citrus smelling products.

There was so many more products to go around but feel I would be here writing about how amazing they are all night! So why dont you get yourselves into lush and ask for some demos I know the staff will be more than happy to show you all the products and help you choose whats best for you!

I've also been trying out some Lush skincare products which I can't wait to tell you all about! Stay tuned !