Thursday, 24 October 2013

Paul Mitchell Christmas Cocktails

I was excited to be invited along to the Paul Mitchell Christmas event, having used some of the products before I knew this was not one to miss as they offer some excellent hair care solutions. The event was organised to introduce us to their new sparkling Paul Mitchell gift selection and sparkling it was. 

Paul Mitchell was born in Scotland, trained in Glasgow and spent a lot of time overseas where he learned about Awapuhi which is a main ingredient in some of his products. Awapuhi is a type of ginger leaf which is usually used in natural remedies but also used to help restore dry, damaged hair.

The event was held in Mal Maison Glasgow in the Malbar, I arranged to meet up with some other bloggers before hand as we all know how daunting it is to sashay into an event alone. When we arrived we were greeted by Sarah who was very lovely and so welcoming. We had a selection of mini burgers to choose from, some French fries and chicken strips. The food was absolutely lovely I even helped myself to a second mini burger. We were given a cocktail list and of course this was the most difficult task of the evening choosing which cocktail to have, now I’m not usually very adventurous when it comes to choosing something I've never had before I like to be basic and stick to my normal orders which sometimes can be worse that choosing something you've never had before as many places have different techniques on making cocktails but I done it, I removed myself from my comfort zone and tried a Pomme D'e Happy I did try to search for the exact name on the cocktail menu online but couldn't seem to find it. The cocktail was absolutely delicious all I know is it had ginger ale & alcohol in it so who was complaining. The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was a very intimate event, we were all sat round the table discussing our blogging life, our real lives, our jobs, what we've won and what not. It’s always great to meet new bloggers and share some hints and tips.

Sarah began to discuss to us all about the new products and the sets, she also brought us along some product books showing us some products which weren’t available. We where each allowed to choose one gift set to take home for ourselves I decided to go with the "YOU LOOK SKINNY TODAY" gift set, the message alone on the rather eye catching bag had me at hello. What a great message to wake up to in the morning, standing in the shower not wanting to deal with the dreadful day ahead reach for your Paul Mitchell bag and read the message its bound to put a smile on your face. Now I’m known for having wild hair in the morning people don't believe me when I tell them it can sometimes take me at least 20 minutes to blow-dry my hair (if I’ve been lazy and not had it cut in a couple of weeks) as I have really think hoarse hair with a natural wave in it that I utterly despise. The set is designed to smooth, seal and soften the hair, don’t know why but I felt like breaking into a bit of signed sealed delivered I’m yours there but I thought best not as I’m in the college library. I can’t wait to test the products as I always find it difficult to buy a hair care product and actually stick to it. Having short hair I know this will last me a long time if I hide it from the boyfriend. The set consists of 300ml bottle of Super Skinny daily shampoo which is designed to give you silky, sleek and luminous tresses this will increase the drying time which for me is a result! The Super Skinny daily treatment 300ml designed to tame the wild hair, as well as prevent and repair any damage done to the surface of the hair. The Super Skinny serum 150ml is designed to smooth and seal the hair leaving you with a fabulous finish. Writing all this down is making me want to go home and wash my hair over and over!

There was also a men’s product which I was allowed to take home of course being the only male at these events can sometimes have an advantage I get to try it all. The Clean Sweep Style Cocktail was the set designed for men, this included Clean Cut which is a semi-matte styling cream perfect if you’re looking for a more natural look and is made to be used on any hair type. The second product in this set is called Hardwired which is a spiking glue, this is definitely a must have for your more spiked and extreme looks.

One thing that I really picked up on is that Paul Mitchell is Animal Cruelty and offers a range of animal care products. Having two cats who absolutely despise water I was very interested to find out what the products do. Now I know cats wash and clean themselves at different periods of the day sometimes my cats even give each other what I like to call cat showers to one another, but it’s nice to have them groomed now and then so they smell nice and with them being pure white I like them to look clean and pristine. Paul Mitchell offer a foam shampoo and this is the ideal product for your animals whether it be cat,dog,rabbit as you don’t need to add water just rub it in and voila pretty clean animals. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one to try it out.

I am going to review my products for a week starting from Monday, why Monday you ask? Well it's a new week and I like to start things as a fresh and carry it on till the end weird I know.

Overall the event was fantastic, I met some new blogger friends, Learned all about the AMAZING Paul Mitchell products, got my hands on some, had great food and cocktails so just want to say a great big thank you to Sarah for the invite and to the Mal Maison for the fantastic service and of course for having us crazy bloggers.

Oh and on the way home I noticed this at Central Station. I absolutely love HALLOWEEN one of my favourite times of the year and it’s great to see some decorations especially on the "Meet you under the clock" clock. How many times a day do you think people actually text/phone/message people to say that? Have you ever used that line before? I use it at least 3 times a week!