Tuesday, 22 October 2013


chouchou couture is an independent women's fashion label based in Glasgow, but has now gone unisex RESULT ! When I first layed my eyes on some chouchou I fell in love instantly, the oversize hood, the body wrapping scarf attached, what more is there to want when your living in rainy Glasgow? I began speaking to Silvia the owner of chouchou couture via twitter when I announced my love for her designs, I could tell immediately that she was full of life and a very lovely person. When I expressed how I wanted my own chouchou Silvia suggested I pop by the studio. This I was very excited by as I would get to see where all the chouchou fabulousness goes on. Silvia is an amazing designer, she originally comes from Rome and has a great fashion background. Her designs come from a mixture of her background and the bohemian lifestyle she fell in love with over in LA ! When I arrived at the studio everything was prepared glitter and fur galore should I add, we got to see the collection she was preparing for her upcoming Fashion Event
Bold Souls which is this Thursday the 24th of October in Humming Bird Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow expect a blog about this as its going to be a big yin ! Silvia asked for our thoughts on some new pieces which I thought put a very personal touch to them, its always great to get involved and help designers out. Where would they be without us fashionistas eh? Of coure Silvia knows exactly what shes on about as all her collections have had me in absolute awe and make me feel warm and fuzzy without even touching them, giving the amount of fur they have to offer. Its always good to know what the customer wants.  I ordered my hood on my visit, I decided to go for the Hollywood Hood, now usually I like over the top statement pieces so you would expect me to go for the fur lined hoods but I chose a simple Grey hood with a Tartan inside, the hood is transferable also so it can be worn with the tartan on the outside. I prefer to wear mines grey outside with a flash of tartan when the hoods up then when the hoods down its like a sea of tartan & anyone who knows me knows I have an addiction to tartan even when its not on trend or in style ha ha ! Silvia made my hood in record time this I was very grateful for as I told her not too rush as she was busy getting ready for her new collections photo shoot (cant wait to see pics) and of course she had her fashion event to deal with so thank you so much Silvia !

 In my opinion EVERYONE needs some CHOUCHOU in their life, its a great investment for the winter and such a pleasure to be supporting our local fashion designers.