Friday, 27 September 2013

student lock in

well, it's been a hectic week for me assessments coming out my ears, promoting and working at student lock in, work, homework, you get the picture? 

Whilst in Manchester last week I got street snapped here's a pic for you to check out my outfit.

Jacket - Zara
Shirt - Topman
T-shirt - Burton
Jeans - Nanny State(BANK) amazing fit best jeans I've ever bought
Trainers - Converse (Bank)
Bag - Zara (Ladies)

The student lock in was AMAZING!! was my first proper hands on job with the fashion squad job that I've recently got at BANK fashion. The lock in was a students only event held in the Glasgow city centre store. We had goodie bags filled with fab gifts, a live DJ who was amazing & a photographer to take snaps of all the fashionistas of Glasgow LOL! anyway WOW what a night, when you usually think of students you think 
SKINT right ? well these weren't your beans on toast or cereal students they where buying by the bulk ha ha. We opened the doors at 6:30 and the que was non stop until 9 o'clock people buying by the bundles no joke being a student myself I was wondering where they were all pulling the cash from HA! we also handed out a lot of discount cards in hopes to see them return and buy all the new winter gear which BTW is oh so cosy so get yourselves down to bank for a swatch.

well guys got a fashion show tomorrow & also attending a bloggers event next weekend so I've hopefully got more interesting things to chat to yous about but in the mean time take a look at a few of the things I want on my winter wish list !

Jumper - Topman
Jacket - ASOS
Tote Bag - Vivienne Westwood
Jeans - River Island
Trainers - Creative Recreation