Thursday, 19 September 2013

Student Fashion Squad

So I believe this is where my journey begins, let me start from the beginning for you.

Ive been working in BANK for 3 months as supervisor i've had alot of previous retail experience from sales assist to visual merch but I wont bore you with all that. Whilst working in BANK I study retail management more focusing on the sort of fashion side of things as I want to pursue fashion marketing or buying as I stated in 1st post not 100% sure what as of yet. I noticed on fb that BANK where recruiting for style ambassadors now I never had a clue what this was but I thought why not go for it find out a little bit more. So there I was on the application deadline day frantically filling this form in but what I should mention is I couldnt format the pdf file & it wouldnt let me type on the form for about 2 hours :| AHHHHH ! so anyway yeah filling that out then decided to create a moodboard to send along with my application. I recieved an e-mail stating I would have a quick phonecall just so they could get to find out a little bit more about my personality. I of course passed and made it down to Manchester the following week where I met people from the marketing team @ BANK who work in the HO & banks PR company. We first had speed dating interviews basically with totally outrageous crazy questions such as "what noise does a hot dog make" which my reply was "woof" even tho thats just a dog but you never know it coulda been a hot day. We had a styling task aswell which was a group effort which of course me & the girls did well in. The assessment day was over before we knew it & back to glasgow I went. Thursday came and went such a long day waiting for the phone to ring constantly checking mye -mails youll know how it is when you apply for a job. Friday came & of course I was stuck in work all day with no access to my phone :( finally LUNCH straight out the shop phone on listen to voicemails - nothing, check e-mails BOOOOOYAAAAA "congrats we would love for you to be part of the team" absolutley over the moon.

So the weekend passes, so does monday then tuesday comes & its back down to Manchester I go for training exciting & nervous as really dont know what to expect. We are told to meet wed morning in this sort of contemporary art centre which was really nice ! first we had these huge croisants and pastries for breakfast then the training began. It was so fascinating to learn what the actual role was and what was going to be expected of us ! Never thought at the age off 22 i'd have my own business cards that I would be able to hand out & start networking with all the fashionistas/bloggers/students in glasgow ! we got to speak with the social media team and they briefed us on all the social sites we can use and how to use it, we spoke to BANKs own brand designers, the guy in charge of fenchurch & we got to speak to womens branded buyer aswell which I found ever so Fascinating as its an avenue i'm toying with going down. We got to have a look at some of the new own brand stuff aswell thats coming outin  November which im holding onto the edge of my seat for as its totally more my style its more sort of indie with leather jackets (real) camoflague, skinnys, shirts etc.. Then we had lunch which was AMAZING best pizza EVER forgot to ask where it was from but ooh la la.

We where set a task to go out onto the streets of Manchester and do some street snapping, I was paired up with Megan Ellaby who btw its amazing, shes been on the best internships ever and has got so much experience behind her for only being 21 eeeek JELLLLL ! we set ourselves a tasko f getting 30 photos in an hour which we totally smashed & got 50 amazing photos if I do say so myself, wish we had the pics but theyre on the ipads that we where given for the task. We saw some amazing girls & guys some a little hesitant which is understandable when youve got a crazy scottish guy running upto you with an ipad asking for a picture lol !

We all met back up at the arndale store & had a look round & I alwats think its good to visit other stores to see what styles and trends their pushing & how the trends are working for them. We all got a BANK goodie bag which I was over the moon with as its FREEEEEEZING up in scotland I got a jack&jones premium scarf & hat, nanny state beanie, belt & bag and some aftershave (pic below)

all supplied by BANK
pattern hat: jack&jones
green beanie: nanny state
scarf: jack&jones
belt: nanny state
bag: nanny state
aftershave: voi
boxers: jack&jones