Thursday, 19 September 2013

in the beginning there was nothing.

type, delete, pause, type, delete, pause

Why am I finding it so hard to write about myself, if it where face to face usually I wouldnt be able to shut up. Anyway enough of the worrying lets cut to the chase, my name is Scott-Harry Emery (I am no where near as posh as the name sounds) i'm a 22 year old glaswegian, student, fashionista, fashion retail supervisor and also a style ambassador. Busy boy right ? believe me I know!

I have a very strong passion (cliche as it sounds) when it comes to fashion, trends, clothes & a very serious work ethic. I work for a well know fashion store BANKfashion as a supervisor in store & a student style ambassador (also for BANK) which ultimately gave me the push to start my own blog. 

In this blog I want to share my fashion findings, my own personal style thoughts & the journey from being a student and store worker into my dream career of being involved in fashion buying or marketing, still not decided but thats the fun in being a student your still learning whats for you and whats not.