Friday, 19 September 2014


Hallo Hallo Hallo, its been a while since scottnothingtodowithyou hit you's up with a post and I do apologise i've been busy busy busy in my new role as a PR Assistant. It's hard trying to find a balance between working full time as well as having a part time and then trying to blog at the same time. I find it hard enough to get me time but over the past couple of months it's really struck me how much I love blogging and how much I missed sharing all my doings with you all especially with all the messages i've had from friends and the e-mails i've received from PR agencies have really given me that kick up the bum to get back in to it.

So i'm going to share a little secret with you - I live just outside Glasgow about a 30/40 minute journey by car! We moved in December and I've never really explored my area and yet to my amazement this is what Port Glasgow has to offer me, I kid you not this is right on my doorstep - I look out my window every single day & night and this is what I see. Beautiful skies, blue water, sunshine, an old castle and ducks everywhere. I've never lived anywhere like this before and I've agreed with myself that I must take full advantage of the beautifulness I'm surrounded by.

At the moment Eastpak have teamed up with Size to give all us Eastpak lovers a chance to win a trip for 2 to Berlin and £300 spending money. All you have to do is get out, be creative take some pictures of yourself with your favourite Eastpak bag, tell Eastpak & Size what it is about your home city you love the most. This can be done via twitter, instagram & Facebook all entries can be viewed on where you can also choose to upload your favourite image if you wish.

Well thats all from me just now, but stay tuned for more posts coming soon! Also remember to follow me on twitter and instagram.