Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hey guys, now the majority of us all know what it's like being a student - right? How we wait patiently for that first instalment from SAAS, so we can go and blow it all on freshers week and buy the stuff on our want/need list that we dont ever get round to buying because we've blown it all before we've even realised - or is that just me?

Anyway, I've pulled together a selection of STAR BUYS from some of the top retailers available within Buchanan Galleries. This Friday Buchanan Galleries are hosting a a Student Takeover night on Friday 26th September check it out on facebook and let them know if you're going along. All you have to do on the night is take yourself along, your money and a valid student card if you want to take full advantage of the AMAZING offers some of the top stores have to offer. The night starts from 7:30-10:00!

For my 'STAR BUYS' I've opted for a get up and go everyday kinda outfit that will be perfect for those dreary winter mornings sitting in freezing cold lecture halls or classrooms. Some of the pieces are transitional which is perfect for any student as you get a lot of wear out of them throughout the year.

First up I picked the leather jacket from River Island, anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a leather jacket. I particularly like how each year the jackets are always the same fit and shape but they change the detailing on it to bring it out in a new option. This year the River Island jacket has diamond like stitching across it which gives it that more rough biker look. It's perfect for the winter as you can throw a zipper on underneath it to layer it up and then you can take it through to spring and even into summer!

The shirt is also from River Island, I think this compliments the leather jacket and is easy enough to throw on in the morning for when you've got that dreaded early lecture/lesson.

The jeans again are from River Island, I noticed them in store and knew I had to have them straight away! The colour is perfect for an A/W14 wardrobe and will go with anything brown/burgundy etc. For me who usually wears black and white head to toe is a bit adventurous but none the less these are a perfect staple piece.

The boots are also from River Island and are just a classic black colour that will go with the jacket! For me I would roll the jeans up to just above the ankle to show the boots off to their full advantage. These shoes can be worn during the day at uni/college and then be styled up to wear on a night out - again perfect for student life!

All in all my total for River Island would have came to £173 but with the amazing discount my total would have came to £138.40 which is a complete STEAL for a whole brand new outfit.

 Now we all know how cold it gets in Scotland especially in the winter so the little wrap scarf is perfect for those icy mornings. It's from h&m and ties in well with the outfit and costs only £7.99 but with your student discount expect a 20% off!

Since I studied fashion & retail I was always carrying about big portfolios and art kits so the bigger the bag the better. The Fred Perry bag I've chosen is the PERFECT star buy for me as its the perfect size to fit a couple of portfolios in as well as any magazines and whatever else I needed for the day.

Now after all that shopping you'll probably be feeling a bit peckish so why don't you pop into Burger King and get 10% off any meal over £4.99 - just saying! Chicken Royale for me please.

Well let me know what you think of my student star buys! What would you have bought for starting back uni or college?

Make sure you check Buchanan Galleries Student Takeover Facebook for more details!