Monday, 12 May 2014

#scentinthecity + giveaway

Hello my lovely people, it seems that scottnothingtodowithyou has went a little candle crazy lately ! So when I was invited to the #scentinthecity bloggers event at Shearers Candles I was over the moon, It was my chance to find out how my beloved candles are made. Shearer Candles is a family run business which has been owned by the same family for more than 3 decades although the actual company itself began back in 1897 - can you believe it?

I took a subway trip to the event, it was a gorgeous sunny day in Glasgow which is very rare so I had a little spring in my step and smile on my face. Upon my arrival to candle factory I made my way through the store and was automatically taken in by the mixture of scents drifting through the air, I later found out that this was actually the discounted gift shop where they sold candles and gifts at discounted prices due to the fact they where slightly damaged (I will let you in on a little secret - you couldn't even tell with the majority of items). In the next gift shops it was candles, reed diffusers galore as well as a selection of nibbles and prosecco awaiting us. 

Let the fun begin..

Rosey the Artistic Director of Shearer candles firstly gave us an insight into the company telling us about both the past and the present. We found out about the history of the company which I mentioned earlier and how it was founded in 1897 and how through the years it home moved from the Candleriggs to ibrox then on to its new premises in Govan. 

Rosey then spoke us through the fine art of creating the most perfect candle and let us in on a Shearer Candles secret lets just say its about getting the right balance, selecting the best ingredients having a strong passion and extensive experience. Although the candles are made here in Glasgow the ingredients, packaging and everything else needed to make a candle are sourced from some of the most exotic countries all over the world.

Shearer candles have many a ranges and also some major retail collaborations such as Tesco and Sainsbury's some of you might be saying "I've never heard of Shearer Candles before" but I bet you've had one burning away in your home without knowing. We also found out that a lot of celebrities are major fans of the candles - and why would they not be? These include the likes of George Micheal who is a massive fan of the Persian Lime, and we where told that Janet Jackson had been to the very gift shop we where all sitting in - AMAZING !

Chat over with and it was onto the factory where the magic happens! We where given a tour of the production line and got to see a  candle made from scratch to finish (see pictures below)

Production Line - Wick placed in candle, on route for wax pour.

Hot wax, if my memory serves me right it was peach!
Wax poured, time to set.
Cooling stage, depending on weather outside fans are used to help the cooling.
Complete, time to be packaged and boxed.
Different range of candles.
Some more factory pictures.
The hot wax runs from a container that's outside through pipes and into the factory.

After a few slips or two from me and the other bloggers on some of the wax it was time to put our candles making skills to the test and we all got to make our own candles FUN FUN FUN!

Tour over and back to the gift shop we went for some more prosseco and nibbles. Shearer candles where kind enough to let us choose 3 candles of our choice. After sniffing around for what seemed forever making sure I chose the best scents I decided on Watermelon, Hollyberry & Clove and Hogmanay
yummy cakes.

The girls at shearer candles also gave us a goody bad which had some gifts for us to give away to our readers.


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